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Featured Speakers

avatar for Manuel Clément

Manuel Clément

Google Daydream VR / AR UX Prototyper
avatar for Cyd Harrell

Cyd Harrell

Civic Designer


avatar for Adrienne Alger

Adrienne Alger

University of Montana
eLearning Librarian
avatar for Kristen Arakelian

Kristen Arakelian

EBSCO Information Services
Recruiting Coordinator
avatar for Rebecca Blakiston

Rebecca Blakiston

University of Arizona
User Experience Librarian
avatar for Emma Boettcher

Emma Boettcher

University of Chicago Library
User Experience Resident Librarian

Steve Borrelli

Penn State University Libraries
avatar for Josh Boyer

Josh Boyer

North Carolina State University Libraries
Department Head, User Experience
avatar for Alodia Cano

Alodia Cano

Project Manager
avatar for Zoe Chao

Zoe Chao

Penn State University
User Experience Librarian
avatar for Dave Comeaux

Dave Comeaux

Louisiana State University
Systems & Discovery Librarian
avatar for Deirdre Costello

Deirdre Costello

EBSCO Information Services
Director, UX Research
avatar for Jenn Dandle

Jenn Dandle

UC San Diego Library
Web Manager
avatar for Mark Dodgson

Mark Dodgson

User Experience Strategist & Designer
avatar for Teagan Eastman

Teagan Eastman

Utah State University
Online Learning Librarian
avatar for Matthew Edgar

Matthew Edgar

Technical Marketing and Web Analytics Consultant
avatar for Britt Fagerheim

Britt Fagerheim

Utah State University
avatar for Angie Faiks

Angie Faiks

Macalester College
Library Director
avatar for Patrick Farrell

Patrick Farrell

Jefferson County Public Library
Digital Experience Manager
avatar for Denise Foley

Denise Foley

University of Michigan
Access Services Librarian
avatar for Emily Frank

Emily Frank

Louisiana State University Libraries
Coordinator of Scholarship & Open Access
avatar for Sheree Fu

Sheree Fu

Cal State LA
ECST Librarian
avatar for Upasna Gautam

Upasna Gautam

Geek Powered Studios
Manager, Digital Marketing
avatar for Lisa Gayhart

Lisa Gayhart

University of Toronto Libraries
User Experience Librarian
avatar for Allyssa Guzman

Allyssa Guzman

University of Texas at Austin
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for SuHui (Sue) Ho

SuHui (Sue) Ho

UC San Diego Library

Andy Jack

London School of Economics
avatar for Eva Jirjahlke

Eva Jirjahlke

London School of Economics
avatar for Kris Johnson

Kris Johnson

Montana State University
Head of Learning and Research Services
avatar for John Jung

John Jung

University of Chicago Library
avatar for Karen Kerno

Karen Kerno

Naval Postgraduate School
Web Services Librarian
avatar for Cathy King

Cathy King

Executive Director, Delivery Services
avatar for Debra Kolah

Debra Kolah

Rice University
Head of User Experience
avatar for Jon Kolko

Jon Kolko

Modernist Studio
avatar for Judith Logan

Judith Logan

University of Toronto Libraries
User Services Librarian

Chao Su MA

Penn State University Libraries
avatar for Mary Martin

Mary Martin

Honnold/Mudd Library/Claremont Colleges
Social Sciences Librarian

Courtney McDonald

University of Colorado Boulder
Learner Experience & Engagement Librarian
avatar for Hannah Mckelvey

Hannah Mckelvey

Montana State University Library
Electronic Resources & Discovery Services Librarian
avatar for Ashley R. Lierman PhD MLIS

Ashley R. Lierman PhD MLIS

University of Houston Libraries
avatar for Carrie Moran

Carrie Moran

University of Central Florida
User Engagement Librarian
avatar for Leni Matthews MS, LIS

Leni Matthews MS, LIS

University of Texas at Arlington
User Experience Librarian
avatar for Heather O'Neill

Heather O'Neill

Pixels for Humans
avatar for Ryan Patriquin

Ryan Patriquin

EBSCO Information Services
Lead UX Designer

Daniel Pshock

University of Houston Libraries
UX & Web Content Strategy Coordinator
avatar for Whitney Quesenbery

Whitney Quesenbery

Center for Civic Design
avatar for Jennifer Reiswig

Jennifer Reiswig

University of California San Diego
Biological Sciences Librarian
avatar for Michael Schofield

Michael Schofield

WhereBy.Us | LibUX
avatar for Lauren Segapeli

Lauren Segapeli

Austin Center for Design
Interaction Designer
avatar for Alex Sundt

Alex Sundt

Utah State University
Web Services Librarian
avatar for Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit

Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit

New York University
Head, User Experience, NYU Libraries
avatar for Rachel Vacek

Rachel Vacek

University of Michigan
Head of Design & Discovery
avatar for Sophia Voychehovski

Sophia Voychehovski

Founder and Lead UXer
avatar for C.D. Walter

C.D. Walter

Content Librarian
avatar for John Leo Weber

John Leo Weber

Geek Powered Studios
Director of Digital Marketing
avatar for Jaci Wilkinson

Jaci Wilkinson

University of Montana
Web Services Librarian
avatar for Jingjing Wu

Jingjing Wu

Texas Tech University Libraries
Web Librarian
avatar for Indi Young

Indi Young

avatar for Scott Young

Scott Young

Montana State University
User Experience & Assessment Librarian